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The Punjab Public School, Nabha

The Punjab Public School, Nabha



The Punjab Public School, Nabha has rightly earned a place of privileged distinction in the field of academic excellence. The school has been a member of the IPSC since its inception in 1960. The distinctive feature of the school system is to seek to balance learning with other achievements and opportunities. Our aim is to provide a first- class academic education in an atmosphere that is both humane and cultured.

PPS is a place of innovation, in which a pupil is provided with opportunities for the all-round growth of their personalities. The breadth of our curriculum ensures that a pupil has a chance to learn in a manner which is both pleasurable and profitable. The emphasis in PPS is to develop one’s potential as an individual and adopt a tolerant attitude towards others, giving due respect to their individuality. Here we have all that is needed to provide a modern, balanced education where mind and body alike can be stretched to the limit. It is only a short step from the classroom, art and craft room or the lab, to the swimming pool and the games field.

We work intently at PPS to create a happy, well ordered and friendly atmosphere where students feel recognized and valued as individuals. The range of activities in this school are enormous and the students are highly encouraged to make good use of these with the belief that they will discover themselves in a field where they excel. The discovery of new talents and skills breeds self-confidence. Our task is to bring hidden gems to light and then to chisel, cut and carve every one until they gleam. We are dedicated to the proven liberal ideals of education. We educate for life, and aim to nurture the student from a child to a young adult. This will enable them to gain self-confidence and attain a sense of achievement that ultimately prepares them for future challenges.

PPS is proud of its glorious past and conscious of the need to prepare the students for a life of leadership, service and personal fulfillment in the twenty first century. While recognizing the value of tradition, it also seeks to look to the future and instill in its pupil an independence of thought, a scientific spirit of inquiry, a positive and a healthy attitude towards life. Students are inspired towards creativity and are encouraged to be in readiness to respond to the demands of society in a rapidly changing world. Above all, they are encouraged to develop individual talents and abilities to aspire for excellence be it academics, drama, art, craft, the sports field or in any of those activities which the school’s matchless facilities provide.

Our founding fathers, in choosing the motto "Onward and Upward" were firmly indicating their determination that the school should be forward-looking and innovative. We encourage our young pupils to be realistic, flexible and open to new ideas. The pride to watch our talented students grow to mature into confident and capable individuals comes as a cherished reward to every member of the PPS family, including our parents who support us. The pages that follow describe a vibrant and happy community. When you visit and speak to our pupils and the faculty, you will discover more than you can capture in our prospectus.

We look forward to shaping your ward with an education that prepares them for life. it is my earnest hope that it sufficiently explains the reasons for your child being nurtured in the PPS environs.

I look forward to meeting you.


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