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Sanskriti The School, Ajmer

Sanskriti The School, Ajmer



About Sanskriti The School, Ajmer


“Your child has only one opportunity for a good education, and our aim is to provide it !”

The  magnificent  Aravali Hills form a serene backdrop of the sprawling, 40 acres of  land on which stands the epitome of diginity, pride and values. Sanskriti ... The School is a centrally air-conditioned progressive co-educational institution located approx. 9 Kms away from the heart of the city of Ajmer, on the National Highway (NH-89) next to Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University. It takes a 15 minutes drive to reach us from the Railway Station and 10 minutes drive from the Bus Stand.

The School’s single mindedness lies in the aspirations of our mission statement 

“Nurturing The Leaders of Tomorrow”.

We offer our Scholars a distinctive mix of traditional values and exciting opportunities. We aim at encouraging everyone to have high expectations of themselves and respect for others. Our key aims are :-

  • Making learning an enjoyable experience.
  • Promoting aesthetic and creative education through a variety of media.
  • Promoting a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum as each child’s entitlement.
  • Enabling children to question, investigate, express thoughts and opinions and make decisions within a safe and positive environment.
  • Providing a clear and consistent framework of discipline within which children may formulate a code of  morale values,  recognizing the necessity for discipline and co-operation with others.
  • Creating an awareness of respect for Indian traditions, human values, heritage and culture & assimilating the best  practices of other cultures for a global bonding.
  • Contibuting to the society where the individual is not only valued but also allowed to develop a  sense of  worth.
  • Striving to maintain excellence in Academics, to enable Scholars to proceed to institutions  of  higher learning of their choice, in India and abroad.

Mission & Values
Discovering knowledge is the province of every human being. We believe in leaving ideologies behind and seeing each student as an individual who has multiple ideas to share. We provide a structured situation in which student can discover how to articulate their ideas, both verbally and artistically. Plato says that “Education is the process of questioning in order to re-discover what we already knew”.  We value this process.

At Sanskriti.....The School, we aim to provide a challenging, yet caring and supportive, environment for learning in which each pupil is able to develop his/ her personality, talents, mental and physical capability to achieve the highest standards of which he/she is capable  :

  • fostering in each pupil the development of moral, ethical and spiritual values which will help them to become responsible citizens who respect tradition, culture and the environment; enabling each pupil to access and develop skills in information and communication technology; 
  • broadening the concept of “intelligence” and including a variety of learning styles to assist individuals to better appreciate and understand their strengths and development needs; 
  • monitoring, assessing and recording the progress of each pupil so that realistic targets can be set and learning action planned; 
  • fostering international understanding to enable each pupil to understand the global context of opportunity and interaction, language and culture;
  • fostering creativity to develop each pupil's capacity for original ideas and action which is of value;
  • encouraging in each pupil the confidence and ability to cope with pressure, risk and failure as well as success;
  • promoting personal and social development through opportunity and guidance in individual decision-making, leadership, responsibility and enterprise so that each pupil can develop the requisite skills and confidence to take control of his/her own life;
  • advising each pupil about, and supporting him/her in the progress to, successive stages of education and career development. 

Boarding At Sanskriti

The greatest gift that the boarding life offers, is the opportunity to establish life-long friendships and memories.

Sanskriti focuses attention on the three R’s of pastoral care Relationships, Respect and Responsibility enabling  a proactive collaborative approach in which all members of the school community play a crucial role in the pastoral care of students.

Scholars can enter Boarding from age 8 upwards. Sanskriti has separate Boarding  Houses for boys and girls. The rooms are spacious and can accommodate 3-10 Scholars. There is a separate study area for boarders of each group. Both Boarding Houses have comfortable Common Rooms where spare time in the evening can be spent playing table tennis, scrabble, chess, listening to music, watching a video or television or browsing through newspaper and periodicals.

Our residential environment aims at making Scholars feel safe, comfortable and "at home" as quickly as possible. Many of our faculty live in the campus and are able to provide Scholars with individual attention and academic support.

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