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Sahyadri School, Pune

Sahyadri School, Pune



About Sahyadri School, Pune


It was Krishnamurti's oft-expressed wish that there should be a school in Western India. This wish was realized during the Birth Centenary year of Krishnamurti with the commencement of Sahyadri School in September, 1995.

Krishnamurti had been coming to Mumbai from 1948 to 1985 giving public talks and interviews. He had also been to Pune on three occasions. The region had felt and expressed the need for a Krishnamurti School. The vision for a school in Western India was born in response to this long felt need. The late Shri Achyut Patwardhan's tireless efforts and generous assistance from several well-wishers saw this vision turn into reality by November, 1994.

JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI (1895-1986) was a modern philosopher and seer with a passion for enquiry and the pursuit of truth. One of his primary concerns was education. His numerous books explore the nature of human consciousness and the possibility of its transformation through enquiry and insight. Krishnamurti engaged in dialogue with many modern thinkers, commentators, politicians and scientists, including Aldous Huxley, Iris Murdoch, Jonas Salk, Ivan Illich, David Bohm, Bernard Levin and Indira Gandhi. He said that if young people could learn to see the conditioning of their race, nationality, religion, tradition and opinion, then they might become truly intelligent human beings for whom right action would follow. 

The Challenge of Education in the Modern World

Contemporary life is deeply influenced by rapid technological progress as well as environmental and social crises. Faced with unpredictable change and insecurity, the young generation is easily influenced by materialistic values and the moral degradation of our times. Must they accept this world as it is? Academic pressures, peer pressures, parental expectations and media influence leave very little room for independent thinking and a wholesome growing up. Must they grow up in order to fit into society or can they learn to question deeply what they see?


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