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Sachkhand Convent School, Abohar

Sachkhand Convent School, Abohar


There is strength in our differentness. We all bring different assets, learn in different ways, and have different interests, skills, talents and competencies. The best kind of learning environment exists where diversity is respected and appreciated and each person’s strengths are encouraged, nurtured and enabled to flourish.

The learning in school is to be seen, not as an end in itself, but as the foundation for a life of learning. We believe that those with the greatest potential to succeed in the world are the people who see learning as something they do for themselves, not something done to them. Young learners need to develop the skills and competencies for their own learning, surrounded by facilitators who are lifelong learners themselves in a learning community. In an ever more rapidly changing world, the ability to take global perspectives, to collaborate with others and to synergize knowledge in new ways will mark the highest achievers.

Life is what each of us makes of it. Courage, confidence and belief in one’s own abilities are the keys to self-determination, to lead and to achieve life goals. The school equips every student with these skills and competencies. We believe that the qualities and value of hard work, persistence and determination will never go out of style when harnessed in the pursuit of self-driven goals.


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