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Kamal International School

Kamal International School

Kamal International School was established in 2002 with the aim of imparting education to fulful the requirements of the ultramodern society keeping in view the indian Culture as well as global professional and technical values.

Right at the beginning until the end, we at Kamal International School believe in educating through smart classes to provide a fitting experience and learning to adapt modern world fiesta. The module are embedded in a template that allow to teacher to teach a chose lesson in class, frame by frame with engaging and instructionally sound animated set of visuals while retain complete control on the pace of delivery.

Opportunities for originality in stage fittings are somewhat limited. We are proud of our newly built well equipped with excellent lighting and sound system auditorium with a seating capacity of 200.

Basketball is arguably VIS’s most loved sport, catching to the imagination of secondary up to the senior level in their own in-house basketball court with several amenities matching level playing standards.

Mission Statement

Working in partnership with parents, Kamal International challenges young pupils to pursue their personal quest for excellence by engaging them in rigorous programme and offering them prospective’ to educate the mind, the heart and the human spirit.


The school aims to nurture students who:

Are sensitive and considerate in their dealings with other people.

Lack prejudice and are enterprising in establishing relations with people who are different from them.

Are willing to lead and accept responsibility in society, particularly in order to serve others.

Are risk takers, willing to seek challenging experience that will facilitate their personal growth.

Strive to make full use of their talents.

Are committed to developing into thinking and caring local citizens who are at the same time are securely rooted in their community, share common values and have a genuine spiritual awareness.

Are educated by imparting character of thoroughness, high principles and freedom.

Are helped to grow in responsibility, self reliance and human maturity so that they find meaning and purpose in their life.

The school aspires

To provide a first class, liberal education where pupil achieves their potential and show consideration for others.

To ensure that school life is valued for itself as well as a preparation for adulthood and employment.

To help pupils understand the consequences for the environment of their action and those of others. 


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