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Indian Heritage School, Pathankot

Indian Heritage School, Pathankot


The Head Of  The School

Today all schools face an unprecedented challenge to produce young people who would one day be the leaders of our society. Men and women moulded in excellence, who reach out for it and make the significant contribution in this rapidly changing and complex world.

To select students of superior ability, to work out new education methods and to give moral training must occupy a central place in the overall education programme. Our school should set higher standards and achieve them by demanding hard work and educational professionalism.

Our schools should be able to inculcate self discipline needed for the growth and development of healthy body and mature mind.

IHS should develop itself into a community – where all actions in the classroom, on the playing field, in the library, demand concentration. Clarity of thought must be expected not only in Physics and English classes; it must also be affected in all human relationships and actions.

The intellectual emphasis should be fundamentally moral where students should be encouraged to not only know themselves, but also be aware of and respect viewpoint of others.

IHS should be a community where students and staff work and play together, live together, learn from one another and strive for the common good.

‘Community means participation, responsibility, accountability and exceptional performance.’

IHS should be committed to providing sound preparatory and higher secondary education to its students within its environment that strives to ignite and develop the potential of all students. Every child is endowed with creative abilities and it is the responsibilities of the educational institution to bring out the latent talent of the children, chisel them, round off the rough edges, polish them and make them successful human beings. Our students should develop skills, critical thinking ¸reasoning, analysis and synthesis. These skills are necessary requirements for an educated person.

Today’s education cannot be restricted to the four walls of the classroom alone . Education demands exposure and awareness. The parents, school and society must share the responsibility for the healthy growth of a child’s personality.

We expect our students to leave school with qualities such as intellectual curiosity, independent thinking, energy, compassion, enthusiasm, flexibility, humour, commitment and self confidence.

These objectives  are not unrealistic. They can be achieved by means of small classes and individual approaches to education fostered by a dedicated and caring staff. Creative and rigorous educational experience is the key to success.

Teaching methodology need to undergo a radical change in order to synthesize the traditional with the modern .  Instead of merely gathering information and memorizing facts  education must help change conservative and orthodox mindset. It should help people see things in the light of latest and newer technological developments. It should also help advance the growth of scientific temper amongst our youth. Holistic education leading to a child’s physical, mental, spiritual and scientific  growth should be the  cornerstone of our education policy.


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