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Icon International School

Icon International School


ICON, a pre-school was born with the desire to nurture the child and lay a foundation for a learned society. A noble initiative of S.J EDUCATIONAL society (pioneers  the learning needs of Kids for the last eight years).   ICON  allows the system where every child gets to learn without being made to feel he/she is being taught.

We at ICON strongly believe the early years of childhood are wonderful years and therefore crucial for their information. In fact it has been established through numerous studies that the first five years are the most formative years  for a child’s all round development though each child has his or her own pace to learn and pick up skills.

ICON  SCHOOL aspires to make the child’s initial and most formative years memorable by being the caring adult who will share the responsibility with parents for creating genuine love for learning in each child at the formative stage.

The boundaries of nation have disappeared and there is active interaction and mingling of cultures,language and knowledge. Education has expanded in all directions and it has become important for our future citizens to have a wider vision of work and life. To face the challenges of an international interface the beginning has to be made early. At ICON we promote the concept of sharing ideas and views which take the children beyond the barriers and restrictions of boundaries- The school is truly modern international in its vision of today and tomorrow.


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