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Himalayan International School

Himalayan International School

We thank you very much for interest shown and the faith bestowed in Himalaya International School. The 21st century has brought with it a lot of Innovation, Scientific Invention and Discoveries and an unprecedented quests for knowledge that has never been witnessed before.

Recognizing this fact, H.I.S has constantly been introducing innovative ideas of teaching and learning to facilitate greater understanding of subjects and equipping the child to handle the challenges that come their way.

We have specially framed infrastructure studded with efficient and effective teachers to make learning a joyous and enriching experience for your little ones.


We try to create an effective transition from home to school i.e. provide mutually supportive conditions for the child's development both at home and school.

We foster intellectual development of the child i.e. to encourage the use of language, stimulate his/her curiosity and lay the foundation for the development of conceptual learning.

Emphasis is laid on social and emotional development of a child i.e. to help the child to form stable Relationship, Encourage a sense of Responsibility, Self-confidence, Independence and child's  consideration for others.

We inculcate Moral Values, Life Skills, and etiquettes, i.e. to Respect Teachers, Elders and Peers, Develop Team Spirit and to place other before self.


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