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Gyan Sagar Academy Dewas Road , Ujjain

Gyan Sagar Academy Dewas Road , Ujjain



About The School

Man, as a child takes his first step towards learning at home, amidst his family. A child learns to express himself and to understand others; under the guidance of his mother, in homely environment.

Here, at this stage, the school appears as a medium to learn the facts of life and develop life skills to withstand the hardships of practical life. School shoulders the responsibility to shape the budding personality of a child. What is expected from a school to provide its students? Concept, Curriculum, Culture and Care!

We, at Gyan Sagar Academy, strive hard to provide a vital & vigorous schooling to our students. With the ‘Child’ being the centre of the education system, we make endeavours that he / she not only excels in academics but also possesses a versatile personality to receive global acceptance as an individual.

Your support and co-operation at every level has been the source of our inspiration so far through our educational voyage. We look forward to the same collaborative gesture from your side in the years to come.

Sincerely yours in the act of providing ample opportunities & unconditional learning atmosphere to your ward


 The emblem of GSA signifies the life skills imparted to & reflected by every GSAian. The colour Orange radiates warmth & provides emotional strength in difficult times. The colour Blue imbibes trust & responsibility in all GSAians. Colour Brown signifies protection & stability to all. The White is for purity & innocence to be preserved at all costs & in all odds. The Chakra spins with all its strength to lighten the flame of reason. The GSAians, well equipped with the power of their intellect & character, as sharp as a nib, further carry the flames of vision to spread the light of wisdom universally.

 The mission of  GSA, to groom the GENIUS in every GSAian, train GSAians to be SELF RELIANT & enABLE them to embrace life with versatile positively, gives completion & content to the GSA Emblem.

We, the GSAians are proud of our emblem & take an Oath to respect it & to abide by it through all our lives.

Hail the GSA spirit !

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